The project involve 7 organisations from Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Sweden

Each partner institution will have specific tasks in the project, negotiated and adapted to expertize of each member in the partnership, in following to full realize the proposed objectives in the project. These tasks will be previewed also in the partnership contracts that will be signed between coordinator and partners, after the project’s beginning. All participating organizations work with adults at local level and are concerned about their problems, want to assist them in solving their problems. Also, development of materials ,trainings ,research and providing home visits can be easily integrated in their ordinary work.

The coordinating institution Asociatia EU-RO-IN, with a good experience in European projects and a staff which has rich expertise in adult area,will be responsible with the management of the project, the monitoring, the communication among partners, the evaluation , the dissemination of the project at European level, and will coordinate the book of the project. Also, it will organize the work and will share/monitor/control the tasks for every partner and will take care for the contact with National Agency.

ProIFALL, Polaris, Agifodent and NEU partners will provide training courses in area of SEL and on training of adult’s staff and adult learners. So, will be developed training courses of 5 days for the staff in: April 2020 ( ProIFALL) , in August 2020 (Polaris ) and in April 2021 (Agifodent) and a training for learners in June 2021 by NEU in Konya.
Partners will easily perform these tasks because they have good resources to provide training courses, such as: specialized trainers, curriculum for training courses, space and rooms for the training, logistics, etc.
Also, geographic situation and the location of these institutions will permit to other partners to arrive easily to developed training courses and to find easily accommodation and food for participants. Besides training courses, all institutions will develop also pilot training courses at local levels for proper learners, but also activities for identify the needs of target group , apply the tress scale and quality life questionnaire ,measures of intervention for help target group , of staff perfection, by participating in workshops, experience exchanges and of good practices, and by participating in training courses organized by other partner institutions. At the same time, Polaris partner will have also the task to realise the web site of the project, the stress scale and quality life questionnaire for learners. Virtual project meetings among partners will be organised by ProIFALL (M2) that will realise also project poster and by NEU (M3).
Other partner institutions (Alzira Municipality, Ankara, EU-RO-IN) will participate in the project for involve and help the target groups from their local communities which is formed by tutors and parents of preschool and primary school children that have emotional problems, target group that will be helped by project’s activities because they will benefit from trainings developed within the project, from research developed in, from support and psychological assistance and from intellectual outputs realised during the project – and they will have also specific tasks. This way ,Alzira partner will have as task to be responsible with dissemination in collaboration with P4 , will realize a yahoo group for the project & will organize the 4-th project meeting .
Ankara partner will have to prepare the logo of the project ,the general report for local pilot courses with target group and will organize the first project meeting (Oct 2019 ).
Agifodent will be responsible with training at project level ,with C3 and will elaborate a curriculum for adults training .
NEU will be responsible with research at project level ,will organize C4,will prepare final form of TrainTOOL ,will elaborate booklet for present the project in English .
On the other hand, all partners will have as tasks to identify learners for this project from target groups that need their expertise & support and will contact professionals in psychology

The aim of the EU-RO-In Association is promoting the Romanian cultural values and traditions inEurope and to promote European values in Romania, to develop an authentic democracy and a smooth integration of our country in the EU and among the countries with economic advanced social and political development. We are a experienced staff ,with high capacity to realize the project. Our association is situated in Iasi,an academically center from a disadvantaged area (North-Est Moldavia) .The association was founded in 2010. We work with disadvantages adult groups not in employment or training, senior citizens, migrant workers ,caregivers disable or poor people.EU-RO-IN has been working in the field of European projects for more than 8 years and our team has developed good experience in producing successful projects in different areas at a national and international level. EU-RO-IN has been involved in previous European projects which have given our staff the necessary training and experience for developing future projects. EU-RO-IN developed educational partnership with more associated partners from local community of Iasi.

Ankara Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services are established under the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policies. It is a local authority founded in 1983.  Among its tasks are: to develop and to implement policies related to social services and solidarity at the local level, to protect the structure of the family, to conduct the social services and the solidarity activities for children, to prevent discrimination against women, to apply every kinds of precautions and solutions for the disabled and the elderly, to take precautions in order to protect the relatives of martyrs and veterans from the unjust treatment and the deprivation, to arrange the solidarity activities for those who need protection and social aids, to take precautions in order to protect the family integrity and to provide the coordination and the collaboration among other institutions and NGOs. It has 2500 staffs (social workers, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, statisticians, education specialists, nurses, media specialists, trainers) and 34 affiliated institutions (for children, young, elderly, women, disabled and all disadvantaged groups).

Polaris srl is a centre for vocational training and adult education situated in Vasto,Italy with 18 paid staff members 20 unpaid staff and over 2000 learners.
Polaris deals with:
• foreign language training;
• career guidance and work-orientation;
• training courses for lifelong learning and training on the job (specially in the ICTs);
• training courses for school education staff;
• research activity in the field of education and vocational training;
Polaris also develops training courses, teaching assignments and job-shadowing for educational staff, such as educators, teachers, caring for children, trainers, guidance counselors, mentors, tutors of education. Polaris is available partner in strategic partnerships and cooperation projects on vocational and educational training, research about innovative educational tools (as Montessori method), new and innovative professional profiles, ICTs tools in the teaching, foreign languages, adult education, school education and VET. Polaris works closely with the public schools, cultural organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders of education and economic reality of the area by providing training services and language certification, consulting services for researching European and regional funds for training, services for the realization of educational events and europlanning. In the last years Polaris developed many projects of transnational mobility, staff training course organization of training courses within school, adult, vocational and high education staffs and students mobility projects

Mobilizing Expertise AB is an efficient Swedish SME for Nordic, European Projects , located in Lund ,where there are an university where main departures are education and psychology. The main employment areas are public administration, defense, education, human health and social work activities accounting for about one third of the employment. WE wants to bring people, places, and projects together to create a sustainable future for a better Sweden, European and world. Our learners are vulnerable adults and youth. They are often from refugee, immigrants and NEET backgrounds. We are working directly with all ages but are main focus is 13-50 year olds. We are also working with teachers, social workers, psychologists ,counselors ,youth workers, integrationofficers as part of the trainings we offer.

Necmettin Erbakan University, though a new established in 2010, is privileged of housing three oldest higher educational institutions in Konya: Ahmet Kelesoglu Faculty of Education (in operation for 50 years), the Faculty of Theology (celebrating its 50th anniversary) and Meram Faculty of Education (in service since 1972). Konya is the biggest province of Turkey with its covering area 38.257 (km2). Necmettin Erbakan University provides ample learning, teaching and research opportunities for both students(3600 students ) and academics (1832 academic staff ) plus 6417 teachers candidates and can disseminate & multiply their projects to more than 4400 persons. Necmettin Erbakan University( NEU ) has 19 faculties,4 institutes ,7 higher schools and offers a full range of degrees in the areas of humanities, social, health, education, and engineering sciences. In addition to its main Campus at the city center and the other buildings scattered around the city, the University has also two more premises located in towns of Eregli and Seydisehir. The main Campus, situated on a hilltop in Meram, the most pleasent greenery district of Konya, overlooks the whole city with an exceptionally beautiful view. All the campuses furnish all kinds of services and gacilities forstudents and staff.

AGIFODENT is a non-profit educational institution established in SPAIN, Granada .The city of Granada (capital city) has 232.208 inhabitants (in January 2019). Granada has, according to the latest data published by the UN, 7.124 immigrants, representing 6.61% of the population of Granada.In 2017, 1054 cases of bullying were reported in Spain and in Granada there were 50 cases. Our organisation has a private VET and ADULT school, and we are intermediary organization for mobility projects. We have great experience in KA101, KA201, KA102, KA116, KA202, KA103, KA107, KA104 and KA204 projects and we trained more than 1000 persons since now. Our organisation works in the actual problems in Europe and participates in international projects about them.

The city of Alzira is located in the Spanish Community of Valencia and has more than 44 000 inhabitants of which about 10% are immigrants. The city council sees the continuous education and the professional training as a strategic key for its local development. More than 450 civil servants are currently working for the city council of Alzira. For many years and despite the economic crisis, the priorities of Alzira have been the economic and social development in order to offer the citizens thepossibility to live in a fair and cohesive city. Alzira Municipality have a department for social projects (IDEEA) which developed many projects (around 30 project till now ) in collaboration with 63 European institutions and share with them all new results obtained.